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Brass National Cash Registers Information

This is THE place to go to find out info on your ornate antique cash register!!
I started collecting brass National Cash Registers because I am an engineer and enjoy things mechanical.  I also enjoy the beauty of a restored brass register with their Tiffany styled cases. These mechanical marvels and their plain metal successors are a tribute the ingenuity and skill of their creators. Not many examples of this intricate mechanical era are still available on the antiques market.

I have been collecting National Cash Registers since 1990 and have acquired a very respectable sample of interesting machines. Below are a few pictures.

The 3 machines in the foreground include NCR model #2, NCR Model #50.25 and NCR #8 with clock.

National Cash Register model #2, model #50.25 and NCR Model #8 with clock.

National Cash Register model #2, model #50.25 and NCR Model #8 with clock.

Here it is 12 pages on everything you need to know about your ornate National Cash Register. Including original NCR Owner’s Manuals and early NCR catalogues showing your register! Check them out!

  1. Know you Model and Serial number of your National Cash Register.
  2. What is your machine made of and what finish does it have?
  3. What is the case pattern of your machine?
  4. What principle is your National Cash Register machine?  Crank, Lever, etc.
  5. Does you machine have a top sign and/or name plate (and how to spot a fake)
  6. What about those special qualities?
  7. To restore, or not to restore, your machine.
  8. Basic and broad based value info (limited info)

Fixing a Jammed NCR, Owners Manuals!  Historic Catalogues

  1. What if my NCR is Jammed? Here are Tips on how to unjam your National Cash Register
  2. Original Brass NCR Register Owners Manuals!
  3. Original NCR Catalogues of Registers! THIS is a MUST SEE!
  4. Article I have written for the CRCCA Newsletter on 135 principle machines

See a list of other Links of interest

You can date your NCR register by serial # by clicking here.

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  1. Ms Artis

    Hi, I don’t know if you can help me but I’m trying to get an estimate of the value of a Cummins cash register, model # 300, serial # 29999. The tag also indicates 10 AMPS and Cummins Corp 40 Illinois. Also, Cummins since 1887 is on the label.
    Can you provide me any information based on your experience.
    Thank you,
    Ms. Artis


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