Boston, Worcester, Brookline, Springfield

Lamson Pneumatic Carriers Photos:

Boston Traveler, Post Office, Jordan Marsh, CF Hovey, Besse Carpenter, SS Pierce

Besse carpenter co
springfield mass

Boston post office basket cable

Boston post office

Boston Traveler editorial room

Boston Traveler carrier in office

c f hovey co boston 2

c f hovey co boston 3

c f hovey co boston 4

c f hovey co boston 5

c f hovey co boston 6

c f hovey co boston

c f hovey co upholstery dept

jordan marsh
boston conveyor

jordan marsh
delivery end spiral chute

Jordan Marsh
Express wagon bins

R J Healey
Worcester Mass

S S Pierce
Brookline Mass

S S Pierceco Coolidge corner brookline mass

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