Links about Paint Advertising & Memorabilia

External Links

  1. Great reference book on collecting paint advertising: title is:
    Collecting Paint Advertising and Memorabilia by Irene Davis (See it at
  2. Creek house Antiques  (site owned by Carter and Irene Davis os the book above)
  3. Indianapolis advertising show  – held twice each year
  4. Enamel signs in the Netherlands
  5. Paint signs of Europe (site is in Dutch)
  6. Collector’s Weekly site on porcelain signs
    Collector’s Weekly interview of sign collector
  7. Australian antique advertising site
  8. Emaillen reclameborden – Porcelain enamel advertising sign – Emailschild – Plaque émaillé publicitaire (P.E.P.), Emaille reclam

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Where have you seen classic advertising signs on display?
What site have you found helpful?
Where are some additional Photos online?

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