Paint Advertising Signs

These Paint Advertising Signs are colorful, detailed, creative advertising for this commodity as it was coming of age in America and Europe. I have an extensive collection and am open to buying an selling from time to time. Please be sure to check my for sale page (or follow this wordpress blog for future sale items)

bruner bookcover porcelain Enamel AdvertisingIf you buy, collect or trade porcelains signs then I’m sure you own the best reference book out there: the Encyclopedia of Porcelain Enamel Advertising (see pix) by Michael Bruner. But this book came to you incomplete; it did not have an Index!!!

The needed part if you are browsing through a show and want to look up that nice sign you have found. I have spent a few hours typing and put together a complete index of this book including name of the sign and most of its text, shape of sign, size, Brunner’s estimated price and the page #.

I have also categorized each sign into groups to make finding your favorite sign easier. (See below) This may be a bit silly, but I use this index a lot at shows or to look up items from an auction catalogue.

If you buy one, I will make this list available to you in the format of you choice: Word, Excel, or printed.  Shipping will add $2.00, if you want a printed copy. (Contact Me)

Featured Signs in the book:

  1. Dutch Masters paints,
  2. Just you and Sapolin,
  3. Les Peintures Valor,
  4. Nu-Da Good-Goods paints,
  5. SWP Cover the Earth,
  6. Acme Quality Paints,
  7. Astral Email,
  8. Balsam Wool Blanket,
  9. Wadsworth bay State paints,
  10. Marine paints,
  11. BPS Best paints,
  12. Bill Chape Finest paints,
  13. Brandram Henderson white leads varnishes,
  14. the paint that lasts,
  15. Sherwin Williams and more


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