Top Sign or Name Plate

5- Does your machine have a Top Sign or Name plate?

The single most important item to make a cash register complete is to have a top sign. The marquee or top sign sat atop the register held by screws. You can generally see if you machine had a top sign by looking for the screw holes at the top. They mounted by 2 screws on the ears at the top.

Sometimes an NCR did not have a top sign and it will not have the screw holes. Top signs had a variety of generic NCR statements on them the most common being “Amount Purchased” but very often the signs had store owner’s name on them.

Reproduction top signs are being made and if you can’t afford an original it is a great way to make your restoration complete.

Below is a table of NCR tops signs and some info.
Note signs shown can be in any of the 3 finishes (Brass, Ni, or CuO2)

You may click on pictures to see larger versions.

Name plates are special and customized

Take a look at my How to Spot a Reproduction Part Page!

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3 thoughts on “Top Sign or Name Plate

  1. Harry maconet

    Are there any of these that can be adapted for a model 336, with no screw holesl The plates that secure the glass top(2 screws on each side) seem a possibility. Thanks, H.


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