Model and Serial number

1 – Find the Model and Serial Number of Your Register

First and foremost you need to know these numbers for your NCR register.

NCR Serial Number

Plate showing an NCR Serial Number

The model # is generally a 1,2,3 or 4 digit number on a brass tag on the front of the machine. Close by should be the serial #; it is a 5 or more digit number generally in the 100,000’s or millions.

A serial number with an “S” in front means the register was reworked and resold by NCR. The original serial number can often be found inside the machine if desired. See note below.

Model and serial #’s can also be found on the paper label under the drawer. If the number on the front of the machine do not match the label numbers it may mean the drawer has been replaced.

NCR Model Number 8

NCR Model Number 8

Also for you die hard fanatics, the model # can sometimes be found molded on the inside of the brass case. The serial number is often stamped into the cast iron case on the inside of the machine.

If your machine has an S serial number on the brass tag

NCR Model 84 Register Serial Number

Shows an S serial number on NCR Model 84 Register

you may be able to find the original number on the inside of your machine and this could help you find out the original ship date of your machine.

There is not a good reason to try and find this number so don’t go tearing into your machine to find it.

Remember Model and serial # are the most important information you need to find out more about your register and get an appraised value.
Dating an National Cash Register

Another NCR Serial Number Example

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