Lamson Carriers and Pneumatic Tube Systems

Historic info on Lamson Carriers and Pneumatic Tube Systems

The following is from a Lamson sales brochure dated 1945.

In 1880, to speed the flow of cash in his small notion store in Lowell, Massachusetts, William S. Lamson invented a carrier system. He sawed croquet balls in two, hollowed them out, and rolled them in inclined wooden troughs from the sales counter to the cashiers desk… Such was the birth of the world-wide carrier, conveyor and pneumatic tube service which bears the name “Lamson.”

See Photos of Lamson Systems in
Boston Traveler, Post Office, Jordan Marsh, CF Hovey,
Besse Carpenter, SS Pierce

Boston, Worcester, Brookline, Springfield – Massachusetts

Lamson System in Banton Co., Manchester, NH

Banton Co., Manchester, NH

Lamson System in Mercantile Co., Memphis, TN

Mercantile Co., Memphis, TN

Lamson Carrier in Pacific States Ticket Carrier

Pacific States Ticket Carrier

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Post Office, City Hall, Watch Works
Chicago and Elgin, IL

New York:
Bank of Montreal, National City Bank, Post Office, Southern Pacific, NY Times

United Cigar Store,

United Cigar Store, NY, Flat Iron Bldg – Lamson System

Philadelphia & Toronto:
PJ Hallahan, Philly Post Office, Toronto Post Office

St Louis:
St Louis Post Office, Law Library

Pacific States Operating Room, Tacoma, WA

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