Lamson Electric Cable Carrier Systems

The Lamson Electric Cable Carrier Systems are an amazing precursor to the pneumatic tube systems.

Cable Lamson System

Cable Lamson System



Years ago, I recreated a working system in my basement. (I’ve moved and it is not longer set up.) I believe it was the only working Lamson Preferred Cable Cash Carrier System in North America. This was an incredible amount of fun to turn this into a working system from a pile of pieces. I bought this system from

Carrier on Wire Lamson System

a old hardware store in northern Indiana where it had been sitting in the basement since just after WW2. I bought all of it for a small price and had no idea what I was getting into. I filled the back of my Explorer and trucked it home. I laid out the pieces in my driveway and began to try and figure out how it went together and how it worked. I soon figured out I had two parallel systems that must have run down the right and left sides of the store.

This system is just like a train track going two directions. It is run by a motorized rope that runs continuously through the system. It is incredible to see the little carriers zoom around the system and go through the interchanges at each station.

It had been cut down from the store and I began to repair it to put it back together. I finally got it going and it actually worked in February of 2001. Now I am on the hunt for more systems.