Introduction to Lamson

Introduction to Antique Lamson Cash Carriers

Wow! Try and find info about these systems on the web.

Cover Page of Lamson Catalog

Cover Page of Lamson Catalog

I guess I have best American source of info on Lamson Cash Carriers. The very best site is from Andrew Buxton in the UK. I got interested in these by seeing complex pneumatic tube systems as a kid in Chattanooga, TN. I saw some of the cable carriers in later years and picked up a few bits and pieces in antique malls. I just recently found out about the Electric Cable Cash Carrier systems of the early 1920’s. I really want to try and get some info on what still exists out there and see what I can pick up along the way!! Lamson systems are so rare they almost have little value as no-one is collecting them.


For A quick history lesson with PICTURES see this other page.

Original Lamson books

My Collection and Sample Photos